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Every Ayr homeowner has noticed this before: at the end of winter, as the snow and ice melts, a noticeable dirty brown haze is left on the glass. Even if you shovel snow off your eaves regularly and try to scrape ice off the windows, the cold weather still traps dirt to the glass and can be almost impossible to get off. It can be immensely frustrating to try to deep clean your windows when this happens, but the pros here at College Pro Ayr can get it done in no time. Whether you're getting your home ready for spring or just need a good general window cleaning, give College Pro Ayr a call for your window cleaning needs.

A Better Ayr through Cleaner Windows

Spotless windows make for a more beautiful home, but College Pro does so much more. Since the start, College Pro's community-oriented business model has created opportunities for young college students to gain valuable business and leadership experience within our company. Our student employees take part in planning marketing initiatives, managing business affairs, and working in customer service. While cleaning windows and painting homes gives them a fair income to help pay for their education, we invest further to ensure that our students are given hands-on experience they can take with them to any future job.

The Little Differences Count

When it comes to creating a clean and beautiful home, it's the little differences that count. We're perfectionists when it comes to window cleaning, and we truly believe that spotless and crystal clear windows can add an immense level of beauty to any home. Don't just take a word for it—let us clean your windows for you and see for yourself!

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Putting off getting your windows cleaned is just postponing the inevitable. Give College Pro Ayr a call today to schedule a free window cleaning estimate.

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Quick and efficient! Lovely girls


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I have had nothing but a very positive experience in dealing with College Pro Window Cleaning. They were on time and as per my wishes they arrived at 8:30 a.m. which enabled me to ensure that we were able to see any streaks that may have been missed.


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