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In wonderful Ontario, residents truly love to take care of their homes. Make sure your home is up to par with the rest of the neighborhood by scheduling regular home painting and window washing. While you’re at it, why not choose a company known for their high standards for quality and commitment to your very own Ayr neighborhood? College Pro Ayr hires student painters and window washers who are in the process of learning more about leadership roles and what it means to be a small business owner. They are encouraged by College Pro to create their own teams and procure their own projects, ensuring that each and every experience with College Pro Ayr will be a rewarding one. You know it’s time to take care of your home maintenance, now you can work with friendly and professional individuals who live and work within your own community.

Community Matters

College Pro Ayr handpicks their student painters and window washers from a large amount of applicants. Those hired are chosen for their learning aptitude, genuine and friendly attitude and commitment to excellence. You can rest assured that your home paint job and window cleaning will be up to the highest industry standards of service, all at a competitive price. Payment is always deferred until after your job is completed in its entirety because College Pro Ayr knows you’ll absolutely love the result.

When you choose to work with College Pro Ayr, your payment contributes directly to a local student’s tuition payments or school expenses. Not to mention, you are helping an future integral community member to practice their customer service skills with you. There is no greater feeling than a strong relationship being built within your own neighborhood. Having your home painted or windows washed can be the first step towards a more connected, small business oriented community culture. There’s never been a better time to take care of your home, call College Pro Ayr today.

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