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We know you probably don't look forward to getting your house painted, but College Pro Armstrong make the job fun and easy. College Pro has over 40 years of experience painting houses all across Canada and the United States, and we would love to paint your home next! Whether you need the entire exterior of your home lovingly bathed in a fresh new coat of paint or simply need a touchup in your kitchen, no project is too big or too small for us. Let the student painters of College Pro Armstrong take on your next house painting project.

An Armstrong Tradition

When you've been in business for over four decades, you know that you're on to something good. In the 40 years that College Pro has been in the house painting business, we've left a trail of beautifully painted homes and happy customers. We'd love for you to be next! Whether you have a brand new or vintage home, our capable student painters will treat it with care and make it look beautiful and brand new. All houses need a facelift from time to time, and we love being the company Armstrong homeowners trust most to rejuvenate their homes.

It may sound crazy, but hiring College Pro Armstrong for all of your house painting needs actually contributes to a brighter future for many young students in our community. As the name suggests, College Pro hires local university students to serve as both painters and team leaders. Our flexible hours and competitive pay make working for College Pro a valuable experience for students, and we're proud that the jobs we create directly help hardworking students attain an advanced degree. So don't delay another day. It's time to get painting. Call College Pro Armstrong today to schedule a free house painting estimate for your home.

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Isabelle was very courteous and a diligent worker.


Armstrong, BC
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Thomas was very good to work with, he was very professional and I liked his manner. The other people were very friendly and pleasant. Time was an issue for me and I appreciated that 3 people came so that the job was completed in the time necessary.


Victoria, BC
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