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There are more than a few advantages when it comes to having your home painted. First and foremost, a freshly painted home can undoubtedly increase your curb appeal. Re-paint your home for a bold and fresh new look, or simply update your existing paint job for a brighter more vibrant glow. Another excellent reason is weatherproofing. A thorough paint job can even help you find weak spots or areas that need attention on your house’s exterior. This gives you the ability to take care of things before they become an expensive issue. Still another advantage is simply the way freshly painted home makes you feel. No matter if it is your interior or exterior walls, a new paint color may be just what you need to see your home in a whole new perspective. Still need more reasons? Then look no further than College Pro Appleton House Painters for your home painting needs.

Thinking Forward: College Pro Appleton

College Pro is a company that hires local students in order to offer them a real world business course in customer service, networking, and leadership. By hiring a house painter from College Pro Appleton, you are providing a local individual and future community member with the chance to practice their skills while providing you with a flawless paint job. House Painters are encouraged to create their own groups and procure their own jobs, ensuring that each and every home painting project is completed with the same care and exceptional quality that every homeowner deserves.

College Pro Appleton is committed to building relationships between local students, entrepreneurs, and local homeowners. It is their belief that beginning important dialogue now will permit a stronger bond between small business owners and their communities in the future. Next time you decide to paint your home, give College Pro Appleton a call. You could be working with the future entrepreneurs of your very own Appleton neighborhood!

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Think it unnecessary to send several reminder emails--probably only need a single one perhaps a week before the scheduled day. The client can always inform the franchisee if there is a problem with the day arranged. Franchisee should stress the need for the client to be present throughout the cleaning period to ensure communication of any problems. Liked the final inspection run through by the supervisor of the franchisee to ensure that everything was completed and done to the client's satisfa


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