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As the home of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor is a city that truly places education first. And if you're looking for affordable, high quality house painting services that also promote education and personal betterment, there's no better company to partner with than College Pro Ann Arbor. For over 40 years, College Pro has paired hardworking students with homeowners who need amazing house painting services that don't break the bank. Whether you have a large exterior project or need a quick touchup inside your home, our teams of skilled student painters can get the job done quickly and professionally. It just makes sense!

Education First

With over 43,000 students at the University of Michigan alone (not to mention thousands more at Concordia University and Washtenaw Community College), there is no shortage of students in need of flexible and fair part time jobs. Unfortunately, these kinds of jobs can be hard to come by for college students today. College Pro plays a valuable role in the lives of many Ann Arbor students, providing a source of income that helps offset rising tuition costs and make the dream of achieving a college degree much more attainable.

Hands-On Experience

Beyond earning money to help pay for university costs, our students benefit from our renowned business and management training. Through hands-on opportunities within many of the aspects of our company, our students gain real world experience that looks impressive on a resume and is applicable to a variety of different career paths. It's hard enough to find flexible part time work as a student. Finding employment that looks great on a resume and helps you get a job after graduating is a huge opportunity for Ann Arbor students.

Partner with Us for a Better Future

Together, we can bolster the Ann Arbor economy and help foster the next generation of business leaders. Call College Pro Ann Arbor today to schedule a free house painting estimate with our Ann Arbor painters!

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