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Painting your home is a real chore, but College Pro Ann Arbor makes it easy! With our teams of house painters, you can have your house painted quickly and professionally for less money than other painting companies charge. Our house painters are professional, hardworking, and eager to earn your business. Give College Pro Ann Arbor a call today! We'd love for you to be our next satisfied customer.

Update Your Style With Fresh Paint

When it comes to paint, the sky's the limit. There are an infinite amount of colors that can be created, and using them in different configurations allows you to give your house any style and feeling you can dream up. Our house painters are well versed in Ann Arbor's most popular painting trends, but equally capable at working with you to create new and exciting styles. Whether you want to keep your home looking the same or make it the boldest house on the block, let College Pro do the work for you!

Educating Ann Arbor's Future Leaders

One very important aspect of College Pro is our unwavering dedication to our house painters — both while they're painting homes for us and after. We give our student painters real life experience running many of the important aspects of our company, which is a rare opportunity for most college students and early entrepreneurs. Paired with our renowned leadership and management training, our student painters get real world experience that helps them get an early start in the business world. Between this ""real world MBA"" and the money they earn that helps them achieve a college degree, College Pro truly helps our young Ann Arbor residents become responsible and successful leaders.

Making It Easy For Over 40 Years

We take the ""pain"" out of ""paint"". Give us a call today to schedule a free in-home consultation! We've been painting homes all over North America for over four decades, and we'd love to paint your home next.

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This year was more thorough than the last time.

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They missed my appointment but when they came they did a great job

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