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Here in Andover, we get the best of both worlds: close enough to the Twin Cities to never be wanting for entertainment, but far enough to enjoy the peace and quiet of the suburbs. Whether your home is influenced by the modernity of Minneapolis or the rustic charm of the Great Plains, it can be difficult to find painters you can trust to bring your house painting vision to life. Instead of risking it with unknown painters, hire our professional Andover house painters! With years of experience and an eagerness unmatched by others, our house painters are sure to give your Andover home the fresh new look it needs. Read on to learn more about our Andover house painters and why they're the right choice for your home!

The Proof is in the Pudding

Since College Pro started more than 40 years ago, we've perfected the art of house painting and have the entire process down like a science. We value our customers just as much as our paint, and always work with you to ensure that our house painters understand your vision and bring it to reality. We're proud of our commitment to customer satisfaction and it's one of the reasons our customers keep coming back to us when it's time to paint their Andover homes again.

Education is the Answer

Through empowering our house painters, we hope to change their future and create a brighter Andover. Besides the flexible hours and competitive pay, we give our Andover house painters hands-on opportunities within many aspects of our business that truly gives them what we call the "Real World MBA". Whether it's leading marketing initiatives or serving as team leaders, our student employees truly get valuable business and entrepreneurial experience working for College Pro.

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