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Residents of Amherstburg experience beautiful weather year-round and can enjoy the best in seasonal pleasures. The elements, howver, may take a toll on the exterior of your home. The people of Amhertsburg are no strangers to heavy snow, sleet, hail, rain, and high winds. While our dramatic climate can create opportunities for winter sports and a breathtakingly beautiful physical environment, freezing temperatures do make it difficult to maintain upkeep of the exterior of your abode. The winter is hard, and it can make it even harder to want to repaint your home or to make sure the exterior windows are kept clean. If you need help with home maintenance, hire College Pro Amherstburg. Our local student painters provide amazing service to keep your home at its top shape.

Connecting You to Your Community

At College Pro Amherstburg, our franchises create opportunities for young, industrious entrepreneurs to build companies and gain real-world managerial training and business experience. College Pro Amherstburg employs local college students and gives them the training they need to run their own teams of student painters. Each team is an independent and local operation dedicated to providing valuable, high-quality house painting and window washing services to the citizens of Amherstburg. Our student painters are fully trained to comply with all safety standards, and are sure to complete the job quickly, efficiently, and safely.

When you use student painters Amherstburg, you’ll be investing in your local community and economy. Our student painters live locally, and that means that your money is going straight back your hardworking neighbors. Take pride in your home and your community by working with College Pro Amherstburg. We’re your destination for student painters Amherstburg and local window washing services. Give us a call to get a free estimate for your home today, and enjoying the benefits of a more beautiful home.

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The cleaners, were very thorough. Moving drapery, blinds and furniture as needed and returning everything to it's rightful place. They were all extremely polite and efficient. I would definitely recommend Nick and his team any day.


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Good job.


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