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Cleaning windows isn't the most fun way to spend an hour or two. It can also be difficult to get them perfectly clean. Just when you think you've finished, you notice water spots. Fortunately for you, College Pro Airdrie has some of the best window cleaners in all of Alberta! We take pride in our work, and this pride has helped us grow our business from a small operation to many locations across Canada and the United States. Regular window cleaning is a great way to maintain your home's beauty, so give us a call today!

Clean Like You've Never Seen

The key to professionally cleaning windows is getting the glass to an almost microscopic level of clean—something that takes experience, the right tools, and ample patience. It can be frustrating to clean windows only to notice once they dry that they're now covered in drip marks and water spots. Our window cleaners are trained in the most thorough and advanced techniques in window cleaning. A quick visit will be all it takes to return your windows to their original luster and shine.

Height Is Not a Problem

If your home has multiple stories or skylights, it can be very difficult and dangerous to reach these windows and give them the cleaning they need. Rather than risk injury to yourself trying to reach these, hire College Pro's teams of experienced window cleaners. You can sit back and relax while professionals clean your hard-to-reach windows.

Saving You Money for Over 40 Years

College Pro Airdrie works by hiring local college students to perform our painting and window cleaning services. The thought process behind this is simple: you save money and students gain valuable employment. College Pro Airdrie works around students’ class schedule and helps them pay their way through college.

Clean Windows Are Right Around the Corner

Don't spend another day living in a home with dirty windows. Call us today to schedule a free window cleaning estimate!

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Very nice young people who worked super efficiently and got all our windows washed in record time.


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