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In lovely Abbotsford, there’s nothing quite like the look of the well maintained and expertly painted homes that line the streets. Make sure your home is up to par by hiring a company that is not only committed to making your home look its’ absolute best, but is also just as invested in your very own British Columbia community. College Pro Abbotsford is a company that procures the best and brightest student painters and window washers to make your home look its’ best and brightest as well. Hand picked for their professionalism and desire to learn more about leadership and small business practices, College Pro Abbotsford house painters and window washers are friendly and extremely efficient. Simply by having your home painted or windows cleaned, you can help students by contributing to their tuition fund or school expenses. College Pro Abbotsford is the perfect choice for homeowners who want an perfectly painted home and a chance to strengthen relationships within their own community.

More Than Just Home Maintenance

At College Pro Abbotsford, student painters and window washers are encouraged to build their own teams and procure their own projects. When you hire students, you are giving them an opportunity to practice their skills in a variety of different ways, and you won’t be disappointed in the incredibly high levels of customer service and project detail. College Pro also knows the importance of competitive pricing, and your payment is always deferred until after your project is completely finished. Now is your chance to give back to your community and build important relationships with the future leaders of your very own Abbotsford community. You can feel comfortable knowing that you are hiring individuals who care about the same things you do - all the while taking care of the home maintenance and upkeep that we know is important to you. Call College Pro Abbotsford today and get started on your home painting or window washing project.

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Very courteous, professional and well done


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Selin and Nora did a great job on cleaning my house windows.


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